Candidates - Enabling you to assess the best pathway for your career 

Candidates - Enabling you to assess the best pathway for your career 

Our Aims 
Throughout our discussions with Candidates our aim is to uncover career aspirations and to understand the value alignment that will allow someone to be consistently at their authentic best. 
Interviews and consultations aim to provoke sufficient discussion to mutually agree on what career pathways are realisable. We are passionate about understanding how people respond to certain stimuli, how they behave in the workplace, and what elements of change they are prepared to experience to adjust to a new operating model. 
Let us help you 
We do not register Candidates who are just looking for a new job, but instead, relish the prospect of researching individuals and challenging them to invest in a self-determining career plan through allyship and mentoring. 
Being headhunted can be the start of a valuable relationship that benefits your career, even if not through the specific role being presented. 
You will not come to learn of us by seeing our brand splashed over advertisements for new jobs, since we use our network of contacts to find people of interest. Therefore, whilst a headhunt call from Virtus has been researched, we will never try and make someone "fit a role" for our own purposes. 
We do not release any CV to a third party without express consent. 

We relish the prospect of "talent managing" individuals who have recognised that: 

Their skills may be under- utilised in a certain environment 
They are looking for the “next step”, but believe they are not in control of how they may obtain this with their current employer 
They will benefit from the guidance and mentoring a knowledgeable Headhunter offers, 
Your Personal Brand 
It is important that you are in control of your digital presence, and that it is reflective of how you would want your personal integrity and authenticity to be perceived. 
It should not be forgotten that LinkedIn is where most people go these days to get an insight into a person they are due to meet. 

Get in touch 

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"Supporting career development and seeing people thrive is what makes my job so satisfying. Often this does not lead to an immediate financial return, but is an investment in developing a collaborative network" 
Director: Pete Gwilliam, Virtus Search Ltd 
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