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Candidates - Talent & Behaviours

Throughout our discussions with Candidates our aim is to uncover what are your career aspirations, to identify in what type of culture you will optimize your skills, and not just whether your skills will enable you to succeed ,but how your attitude can help you over achieve in the role.

In all sectors there are always going to be individuals who perform to a higher standard than others. Indeed, there are situations where an individual will flourish in a new environment , whilst conversely another individual may struggle to perform to the same level when in a different culture.

We aim to work with all Candidates to ensure that our consultations provoke sufficient discussions and reflection for us to mutually agree on what is the best decision for you to further your career. We are passionate about understanding how you respond to certain stimuli, and put simply how you behave in the workplace.

We do not register Candidates who are just looking for a new job, but instead, relish the prospect of "talent managing" individuals who have recognised that:

  • Their skills may be under- utilised in a certain environment,
  • They are looking for the “next step”, but believe they are not in control of how they may obtain this with their current employer,
  • Being headhunted can be the start of a really valuable relationship for the duration of their career

You will not come to learn of us by seeing our brand splashed over advertisements for new jobs, since we use our network of contacts to find you. Therefore when you get a headhunt approach from Virtus you can be sure it has been researched and you will be a Candidate of interest.

You will never be someone who we will make "fit a role" for our own purposes


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