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Working with Clients to achieve lasting results

Our commitment is to assist Firms in the Mortgage and Banking Sector make informed decisions about hiring the best person for a role and not just supply the most immediate C.v. that fits. Firms need to know that they are working with a subject matter expert who will represent their brand with integrity and who cares about the outcome of the recruitment activity.

Categorically, in all service environments it is vital that a value for money experience is created, and certainly if Recruitment and Consultancy services are to be seen as a Professional Service, there has to be complete accountability for the project and a high level of knowledge, that ultimately ensures a value added relationship.

We understand the end to end mortgage origination process and are highly effective when searching for talent in the sales/ marketing functions, operational/service areas, and finance and risk/ governance departments of Banks and mortgage Firms

  • We have track record of moving individuals from these areas to new opportunities that they succeed in.
  • We understand there is sometimes a need for urgency and inside knowledge can respond to time deadlines without diluting the quality of the outcome.
  • We appreciate that there is a need for business sensitivities to be diplomatically handled.
  • We recognize the importance of finding the right talent, that doesn’t just impress at interview, but makes a lasting impact upon the business plan.
  • We understand that skills are important, but behaviours and attitudes largely impact on how effective those skills are in differing environments.
  • We value your time and ensure we maximize the return you get from each part of the recruitment process you wish to be involved with.

By leveraging off the established relationships we have developed within the inner circles of the industry we help ensure that our clients have access to the best talent. Our access to and influence among the industry’s key figures and best talent don't just make a change—they make a difference.

Virtus offers a truly collaborative approach to executive search that is based on a thorough understanding of the strategic, financial and operational issues our clients face. Our proven processes and comprehensive analyses help ensure that no stone is left unturned during your search. This is made more robust by the use of referencing and validation.

We believe Clients should have a certainty of what activity is being undertaken , a consistent work in progress report , and regular feedback loops that keep you highly involved and able to hold us to account.


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